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Tuning in to Abundance

I leave sunny Petaluma with enduring images, sounds and smells: of a vast rolling landscape shrouded with morning fog and rich yellow fields shining in the afternoon sun; of calves cuddling up together in the grass and friendly dappled horses trotting up to greet me; of the soft hooting of owls and the song of the last mockingbird leaving before the summer; of the earthy whiff of manure overlaid by the sweetness of wild rose, lavender and geranium; of the nectarine and apricot trees in the orchard groaning with the weight of ripening fruit; and of the laughter and conversation of new friends during every break. On the final day, a bright-eyed little hummingbird visited us during lunch, hovering to drink prettily from the fountain that serves as a birdbath and water bowl in the centre of the sunlit patio. Abundance showing up in so many forms.

It’s the word I was left with after ten truly incredible days of learning. I leave deeply enriched and renewed. And reminded of the abundance in my life. It’s not hard to find if you only connect with what’s already available. It’s not always tangible though it’s always real and you’ll find it if you know where to look. Rather, where to tune in. I’ve experienced so much generosity, friendship, laughter, natural beauty, meaningful conversations and good times over the past 3 months, that I know they will stay with me a lifetime. And the best part is, there’s more to come 🙂

Here’s how I tune in. Try them and add your own:

Get in touch with 3 things you’re grateful for every day. I like to write them down. You’ll find as you go along that the list gets longer every day.

Take a moment to look around you at the natural beauty of the world. A little sunshine, a gorgeous blue sky, a butterfly or a songbird…you can’t beat the warmth you feel inside when you notice the abundance of beauty around you.

Really connect with people. We’re all busy and we all have things that distract us. Take a moment to appreciate the living being in front of you. It might change the way you look at the world.

Slow down. The way you eat, drink and live. It’s as simple as that.

So yes, it’s a short list. Works for me 🙂 Life is for living after all. Make it worth the gift you’ve been given.

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