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You have no need to travel anywhere – journey within yourself. Enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendour of your own light. ~ Rumi

My open programmes offer an immersive experience of leadership embodiment and personal transformation. Contact me if you'd like to know more.


Power & Presence In Leadership

1.5 - 2 Day Workshop

Power and presence are intricately linked in every relationship and interaction. This unique workshop is an exploration of your relationship with power, its dynamics and impact on your presence. You'll learn the social forms of power and how they impact you, discover the source of your personal power, practice embodying a powerful presence and realise your leadership potential to make effective choices. For coaches and facilitators, leaders in all walks of life and individuals curious about personal growth, this is a richly immersive experience.

Being BodyWise

1.5 Day Workshop

Regain your sense of safety, dignity and connection through this powerful somatic journey. You'll learn to harness your somatic intelligence - the wisdom of your body - integrating mindfulness, movement and meaningful conversation to help you achieve greater success at work and in relationships. Being BodyWise will boost your confidence, clarity and competence, build a powerful presence, enhance your self-esteem and wellbeing and sharpen your ability to make skilful choices.

Moving Through Fear

A 5 week immersion ~ 2 hours a week

In this small group workshop, we are invited to blend our negative experiences of fear and move into the possibility of seeing its gift. Created during the Covid pandemic, it helped to settle anxiety, fear and grief around work, relationships and self, through an immersive journey, to move through it towards peace and possibility using conversation, somatics, mindfulness, poetry, art, visualization, storytelling, embodied communications, and the wisdom of the peer group.

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