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Get to Know Me

Embodied Leadership Coach & Facilitator, Constellator, Author, Dreamer, Chocoholic

Briefly Over the years, I've been a lawyer, a senior commissioning editor, a home-baking business entrepreneur, a mother, a communications expert, a writer, and now, for the past 15 years, a leadership transformation professional with global experience. I combine my expertise with a rigorous commitment to personal practices. My purpose is to cultivate spirited leadership, making potent offerings to clients that help them work through habitual mindsets, make deep-rooted behavioural shifts and become conscious, inspiring and courageous leaders. My work includes embodied leadership coaching and facilitation (for individuals, teams and organisations); communications mastery; and systemic family constellation therapy. The centre, ground and depth for all the work I do remains my personal journey which has been deeply transformative, bringing clarity, purpose, excellence, harmony and the courage to work and live a life that is aligned with my values and lineage.

In More Depth For the past 15 years I have coached individuals 1-1 and facilitated large and small group leadership workshops for McKinsey’s clients, consultants and support staff, in India and globally. In 2014, I founded Wisdom Tree Leadership to help individuals, teams and organisations lead from a place of meaning and purpose, cultivating spirited leadership. I've worked with clients across pharma, mining, steel, gas, insurance, retail, banking, finance, not-for-profit, start-ups, supply chain logistics, IT, consulting, aviation, design and automotive industries, at the senior and top management levels, including CEOs, CXOs and core leadership. I am associated with premier leadership networks such as Aberkyn (McKinsey); C2C Organizational Development; and Kincentric, to design and deliver highly experiential and immersive leadership modules, powering conscious leadership and expanding human potential. Topics cover personal mastery, relationship mastery and business mastery creating awareness, building generative embodied capability, inspiring high performance, supporting personal and cultural transformation and enabling lasting change.

Professional Experience 

2014-present, Founder, Wisdom Tree Leadership, Bangalore.
2007-2014, Client Communications Manager, McKinsey & Company, India.

2007, Author, Dealing with Divorce, Roli Books, New Delhi.
2006, Co-author, Seasons, Pratham Books, New Delhi.

2004, Author, Easy Children's Classics (four books), Magnum Books, New Delhi.

2001-2007, Senior Commissioning Editor, Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi. 

1998-2001, Owner and Chief Baker, Leela’s Kitchen, New Delhi.

1993-1998, Advocate, New Delhi.


  • Certified Strozzi Somatic Coach, California, US.

  • Newfield Certified Coach, Colorado, US (accredited in Singapore).

  • Certified in Leadership Circle Profile.

  • Certified Cultural Transformational Tools Consultant.

  • Certified Systemic Theory and Practice in Family Constellations Facilitator.

  • Certified Personal Transformational Facilitator.

  • Certified Presentation With Impact Trainer.

  • LLB degree, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India.

  • Mindfulness certifications: Completed three 10-day Vipassana retreats (over 300 hours meditation).

  • Embodied Leadership Teacher with the Strozzi Institute, California.

  •  Certified Team Coach, The Coach Partnership, Singapore.


  • Embodied Leadership Coaching for individuals using a somatic and ontological approach.

  • Team Coaching 

  • Leadership Presence and Embodied Communication.

  • Communications Mastery (written and oral).

  • Design and facilitation of leadership development programmes/modules using ontology, mindfulness and somatic experiences.

  • Mindfulness - integrating meditation and mindful practices in coaching and facilitation.

Personal Practices

I write a mindfulness blog on life, love, leadership and learning; am mindfully (and gratefully) active with gym, swimming, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and somatic practices based on Aikido. My energy is renewed by nature, dogs, cooking, baking, reading, being a long-distance mom to my two grown up boys who live in the US and Kenya, writing and contemplation, being in a loving relationship, playing an occasional Scrabble game, and learning the wisdom and language of the Tarot. My commitment in 2023 is to live life joyfully, work with grace, power and prosperity and complete my book on leadership presence.  

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