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Cultivating Spirited Leadership

Spirited leadership commits to inspire, connect, engage and transform, every single day. As an embodied leadership coach and facilitator, I can offer you how to do that in ways that are sustainable and powerful, compassionate and meaningful, bringing vitality to your life, work and relationships.

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My Story

I am an embodied leadership coach and facilitator based in Bangalore, India, with close to three decades of richly diverse experience. 
My personal practices help me to focus on supporting my clients to become caring, purposeful, spirited leaders who contribute successfully to their environments.
I am an Affiliate at Aberkyn (McKinsey's global network of leadership facilitators); a Newfield Network Certified Coach; a Somatic Coach from the Strozzi Institute, California; and a Systemic Family Constellations therapist.
My superpowers include being a deeply intuitive listener and observer, bringing clarity and depth to individuals and groups, holding compassionate spaces that inspire courage and learning to radiate with power, purpose and joy.



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Cultivating Spirited Leadership

My Offerings

Embodied Leadership Coaching

Embodied leadership coaching is a holistic 1-1 intervention that helps to develop an awareness of your body and its intelligence in transforming the way you live and lead, particularly under pressure. Based on neuroscience, movements based on Aikido, mindfulness and linguistics, this deeply wise somatic approach explores physical, emotional and cognitive alignment and integration. Become a spirited leader with a greater capacity to handle conflict, embody your vision and lead with an authentic presence.


Communications Mastery

Deepen your communication and presentation skills, clarify your intention and commitment for impact, and lead with dignity, presence and purpose. Based on a wealth of practical knowledge combined with somatic depth, you will experience a greater awareness of how focusing on language and presence helps you become a more present, connected and skilful leader.

Systemic Family Constellations

Experience a deeply illuminating and therapeutic somatic methodology developed by Bert Hellinger. Systemic Family Constellations therapy reveals your unconscious patterns, serves to heal ancestral wounds, uncovers hidden dynamics in families and restores the universal orders of love and the longing of the soul through balance, belonging and order.


Transformational Leadership Facilitation

We offer embodied leadership journeys that are immersive and powerful. Our approach is highly sustainable, integrating an awareness and coherence of the Soma or wholeness of the body in leadership along with language and emotions for powerfully conscious personal and leadership transformation. Our group work includes designing and delivering top team, leadership and generative teams programmes for purposeful organisations that are committed to growth mindsets.


My Approach

My coaching and facilitation style is based on ontology, somatics and communications mastery. Hence, it is deeply holistic, insightful, and always pragmatic.

I work with individuals using a mixture of conversation, Aikido-based movement, mindfulness and bodywork. This means that I pay close attention to an individual’s life story and shape, offer somatic assessments on how they may experience the world and others in professional and relational domains and suggest powerful somatic and mindfulness practices to fit their personal preference and achieve their growth goals in a sustainable, self-generative way. In a group, I listen and sense the shape of the group’s experience and expression, offer movements that support the group to become more cohesive and generative, and help identify what emerges for them as habits and triggers to move collectively towards greater coherence. 

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